Daily Public Gathering: Oct. 23rd - 25th

The dress at the end of the first day, October 23rd 2014

And so comes to a close a beautiful 3 days worth of storytelling and bringing objects to gift to the new dress.


Many came to honor Myriam's Dress, both the project and the piece as a memory, a celebration, an offering to dear Myriam.

Even those who did not know Myriam personally still felt a strong connection to her either through recounts of who she was, being in similar situations as she was or through objects on the dress.


Today, we had Susan Scott facilitate a wonderful writing workshop in which nine participants shared their stories and their personal connection to the dress. After a couple of hours of hearing everyone's oral history, we had thirty minutes of silence in order to freely write. We were then encouraged to submit their texts to Susan to continue the discussion individually through the written pieces.
Something came up a few times during the workshop: most didn't know each other well but still found profound similarities between stories and feelings towards our origins.


December 4th, 5 - 8pm, at Café L'Artère (7000 ave du Parc):
Vernisage for the dress and the pieces our five artists are working on in conjunction with a participant's story.