Donate an object to Myriam's Dress

Every day until the 13th of the month, Carolina will be at the Café L'artère (click for map) from 11 am to 2 pm.

She is awaiting your contribution to the dress.

I was awarded the MSM a few months ago but received it officially at a ceremony in Quebec City this past Oct. This medal is awarded when members have carried out Meritorious Acts bringing benefit and honour have been carried out. Myriam was so proud and looking forward to the ceremony. The reality is that I have never met anyone as brave, passionate, ethical and honorable as Myriam. Throughout her life Myriam has always carried out Meritorious acts that brought benefit and Honour to everyone she knew or touched. She is a big part of who we all are and deserves to have a recognition of her own or at least share mine. - Ali