A Native and an Immigrant Dress

I am worried about how to make the dress activity work.  We went to visit Philip at his home.  We met his wife, and daughter and grandchildren, a beautiful family.  I am amazed by how close they are, how everything flows. Willma, his wife is a designer and dressmaker, her bead work comes from her own mother, I explain to her what our project is about, that I want to bridge immigrants with first nations, so we can all strengthen Idle No More, save the land, stop the tar sands…. Inspire people to engage in a different relationship with the land.  I tell her that the dress is about creating culture, making a visual example of who we are.  We are not what politicians claim we are.  Canada is not a nation, it is a creation.  “Why should I care?”  I don’t know what to answer.  She is right.