Native Immigrant III

After our last exhibit at The Complex du Canal Lachine, Janet and I continued to go on a weekly basis to Kahnawake to visit Philip Deering (visit his bead shop here).   Each time we left having learned something new.  We asked if there would be any interest within the community to do something together.  He took us to Rapid Water Gallery where we met Kakwirakeron (Ross) Montour.  I had met Ross before.  My friend Adriana had told me about this guy who had amazing work in a gallery in Kahnawake.  I visited and started to talk to him, he indicated I could not pronounce his name, I said “nobody can pronounce mine either”.  I got his attention.  He tried to say Echeverria, and he could not - well, not the way I say it - although he was closer than my pronunciation of his name: Kah-gwee- rah-gay-roon.