Jason drawn by Kakwirakeron R. Montour

This is Ross' portrait of his art and gallery assistant, Jason.

Last week we went to Kahnawake with Tais, our videographer, to shoot an instructional video of how to arrive at Kahnawake from both the Champlain and Mercier bridge. To make a funny spoof of the "Indian guide" (as suggested by Ross), Jason accepted to be in the video to show us how to get there!

The video is still being edited, but will be published here soon once finished.


My mother comes from Muscowpetung Saulteaux First Nation from Saskatchewan and my father is a French Canadian from Québec City. I grew up in Saskatchewan and at the age of 15 I moved to Québec. I was introduced to Ross by my mother and began working for him about five years ago. My roles at the gallery/store are manager, sales clerk, Ross' assistant and anything they ask of me. My relationship with Ross could best be described as an assistant/apprentice in the sense he is always teaching me new techniques in the arts and has given me a lot of support with my own art. On down times, I started making dream catchers and then slowly evolved into doing almost anything that was put before me. I do enjoy soapstone carving, although a lot of the pieces I do are not mine but restored pieces from the fire we had a few years back. 

Now for my thoughts on Native Immigrant. I personally was taught not to have a bad bone in me, so honestly to be given the opportunity to learn new cultures from someone from a foreign land is awesome. I think immigrants coming to Canada is what we need to truly overcome ignorance. If a simple greeting ceremony is all it takes to make the transition into a foreign lifestyle a better one then I'm all for it. I'm not sure exactly what I truly feel about the project because i haven't had the time to truly immerse myself in it. My point of view will most likely change/mature the more I learn about Carolina and the people she is representing.