Mapuche poet from Chile invited to Montreal in August 2015

Native Immigrant invites Roxana Miranda Rupailaf, a Mapuche poet who writes captivating poetry.

Here is a snippet of an interview, translated from Spanish to English. You can find the whole interview in Spanish here.

From   Desbordes

- How do you see today's Mapuche poetry?
- Mapuche poetry is memory. As a mestizo poet, I realize I could never write or have the same achievement as Leonel Lienlaf, Adriana Pinda or Graciela Huinao. That is because I couldn't even imagine a world in which language is foreign to me. Or a world in which I don't have visions or premonitions, nor the experience of those who grow up in a purely Mapuche culture. In my poetry that are certain flashes. Mapuche poetry contains a genuine feeling: there is no need to search, all can be reunited.

She also produced an incredible short-film (el shumpall) with her text as the voice-over. It is a poem written in Mapuche and translated to Spanish in the subtitles:

Here are another four short poems in Spanish by the artists Roxana.

Native Immigrant is raising funds through our Indiegogo campaign to bring Roxana to Montreal in August 2015, when our next event will take place.