What are the ties that bind us together?

Welcome to our latest series of events TAIETEWATATENONHWERA:TON. According to Ateronhiatakon (Francis) Boots, Mohawk War Chief, the concept of TAIETEWATATENONHWERA:TON is "the duty we have to love one another as family".  

One of our workshops with Troc-Cadeaux, please visit our Facebook page for more details!

One of our workshops with Troc-Cadeaux, please visit our Facebook page for more details!

Native Immigrant creates bridges between immigrants to Canada and Mohawk, Anishnabe people through the realization of artistic projects, specifically, co-creating a dress comprised of gifts donated by participants who share with us the stories behind their contributions to the project. A series of six dresses have been co-constructed by hundreds of immigrants and First Nations participants, both in Canada and in Chile. Participants not only shared with Native Immigrant many personal objects, but also the intimate stories behind the objects.

Launch of the garment and the Troc-Cadeaux project (May 4)

TAIETEWATATENONHWERA: TON - the first object to have been incorporated into the new garment is the beautiful beadwork piece made by Willma Lahache. You are invited to participate and assist in the making of this piece during our activities and gatherings that we have planned this year. The dress (garment) can also travel to your schools, organizations or institutions. Contact us at info@nativeimmigrant.com.

TROC-CADEAUX Spring 2019 Workshops

Calendar of Activities

On May 4th : Oskenontona (Philip) Deering from Kahnawake, introduced the meaning of this Mohawk word to us, as well as presenting the traditional 'words before all words' address. Laura NIQUAY ( an Atikamekw artist from the Indigenous community of Wemotaci) and MATIU (Native singer-songwriter of the North Shore - Mani-utenam) offered their music.  Scott MacLeod presented his film about the newly arrived Scottish immigrants and the life-saving acts of the Abenaki, a perfect example of TAIETEWATATENONHWERA:TON. Without the assistance of the Abenaki, the Scottish immigrants would have not survived their first winter here.  We also enjoyed traditional food (bannock and strawberry tea) thanks to Nahka Bers while sharing an afternoon together.

TROC-CADEAUX Spring 2019 Workshops

April 03 2019
2pm - 5pm - Beading Workshop with Nico Williams at Métèque. 

April 18 2019
6pm - 9pm - Medicine Pouch with Craig Commanda at Métèque. 

April 23 2019
6pm - 9pm - The Fingerprint of My Memory with Amanda Ruiz at Métèque.

April 24 2019
6pm - 9pm - Printing Workshop with Martin Loft at Métèque.


April 27 2019
6pm - 9pm - La Fenêtre Ouverte with Fabio Villalba at Métèque.

May 07 2019
3pm - 6pm - Create Your Own Sound with Asako Kando at Métèque.

May 16 2019
6pm - 9pm - La Fenêtre Ouverte avec Fabio Villalba at Métèque.

May 22 2019
6pm - 9pm - Rug Hooking with Christina Delaney at Métèque.

June 01 and 02 2019
9am - 12pm - Life Writing I with author and editor Susan Scott at Métèque.

2pm - 5pm - Life Writing II with iconic filmmaker Donna Read at Métèque.


At the center of this gathering was the official launch of TROC-CADEAUX, a wonderful initiative of NativeImmigrant, funded by the City of Montreal within their cultural mediation platform.  We acknowledge the collaboration of DAM and the City of Montreal in partnering with NI for this new adventure!

Troc-Cadeaux (Gifts Exchange) is an invitation to change perceptions of immigrants to that of individuals who have come to share the gifts of their culture.

For information on our workshops and events, please visit our events Facebook page.

June 20 2019
5pm - 7pm - Troc-Cadeaux Vernissage

TROC-CADEAUX Fall 2019 Workshops

September 21 and October 5, 2019
2pm - 5pm - Experimental Beadworks Techniques with Nico Williams at Métèque. 

September 26 and October 17, 2019
6pm - 9pm - The Rug Hooking Tradition with Christina Delaney at Métèque. 

October 2 and October 9, 2019
6pm - 9pm - Embroidered Portraits with Tamara Rubilar at Métèque.

October 12 and October 19, 2019
2pm - 5pm - My Art Talisman with Ivan Atehortua at Métèque.

October 13 and October 20, 2019
3pm - 5pm - Papier Mâché Paper Skulls Creation with Rafael Benitez at Métèque.


Join us!


Troc-Cadeaux Exhibit: October 23 to October 27, 2019

Troc-Cadeaux Celebration: October 27, 2019
2pm - 5pm - Traditional Indigenous Food, Music and Free Art!

For information on our workshops and events, please visit our events Facebook page.

Our Latest Fundraiser

We started this fundraising effort to provide essential support for one of our most important projects: Akwekon Printmaking Studio - L'Atelier d'Estampe Akwekon

This First Nations print studio would be the first of its kind on the island of Montreal (Kanien'kéha), and would provide space for a year-round workshops run by artist Martin Akwinanoron Loft.

Keeping with the mandate of the Native Immigrant Art Collective, this permanent engraving studio provides a unique opportunity to actively support in cultural exchange by forging authentic and lasting relationships between First Nations and immigrants within our organization.

Through personal growth, group arrangements and hands-on training, participants will gain practical skills that will contribute to their artistic endeavours.

Held free of charge for Indigenous youth, workshops will be open for any and all members of the community to join, learn, share and create in an inclusive setting at NDG's cultural hub Atelier d'Art Métèque.