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Malu Goyo

A Canadian human being with a universal soul was born in 1980 in Caracas- Venezuela. Officially a journalist but in progress to convert a hobby, a passion into a new career. Started painting 5 years ago in an experimental art class. Now pushing herself to explore, discover and create different kinds of pieces to release her thoughts and feelings. Art for her is a self-soul revelation more than an exterior observation and assimilation of our current hyper-informed society. Her art is not pretentious, it is colourful and somehow naive. The main intention of her work is simple: " I want people to find happiness in my colours."


“I’m discovering myself through colours, textures, words & sounds. I’m a firm believer in reciprocity, equity, empathy & LUV. This is my therapy, my passion, my soul, my voice. There is me in every piece I produce: my thoughts, feelings, and emotions. I cherish this opportunity and I’m honoured to share with you all these experiences I’m living through my work.” Malu Goyo.

About My Ladies

My inspiration for this series came from a personal experience. Almost a year ago I went through a separation process that moved me in so many ways. The most important lesson has been self-acceptance, self-appreciation and self-respect. This experience pushed my boundaries to the limit, making me enter into the most important relationship every human being should have: us with ourselves. I'm in the process now of rediscovering myself, falling in love and accepting myself the way I'm. I see magic, beauty, power in the mirror. With " My ladies" I want people to see that beauty, power, love, magic can be so different from one another but we all have those genes in ourselves. Sometimes we just need to activate them by exploring, listening and understanding our souls. 

Let's release the magic and surrender to the flow. 

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