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Past Event

A week of Art to inspire Love of the Land



Carolina Echeverría unveiled the second chapter of Native Immigrant in a week of artistic expression on the cusp of spring. In winter the earth is hushed; its richness will be exposed after the thaw. Will we love it or will we destroy it? Echeverria’s mission is to make us love it. Love the land is the mantra that inspires her visual representations of this nation and its immigrants:  Love the land you live on, love those who live on the land, the same as you.  Montreal artists performed an extraordinary show at Café del Monko, all funds going to Idle No More (February 27th 2014).


Thanks to the loving collaboration of all those who participated in the first exhibition in November 2013, the Native Immigrant Dress has become a living testimony to the beauty that threads through our collective culture—now, a new mannequin awaited in this exhibition. A mannequin planted in a pot of indigenous earth awaited all those who seek collective, creative engagement with issues regarding immigration, migration, land, cultural expression and rootedness (or not) in this Uncertain Nation. The artist lead interactive sessions daily.


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