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We're all in the same boat

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On display from October 23rd to November 3rd, 2013, Native Immigrant aimed to present an inclusive vision in the face of the exclusion that some see as a force dividing Québec society.

"I saw it as a fantastic opportunity to finally include immigrants in the dialogue. I invited the public to take part in a collective work of art based on my own and others’ experiences as newcomers to Canada. We are all immigrants like it or not. We just have different arrival dates" says Carolina.

Carolina invited the public to take part in a collective work of art based on her own, and others’, experiences as newcomers to Canada.


Visitors were invited to express that experience by participating in the creation of two works of art:

The Charter of Immigrant Values, a large mural to be completed by guests and visitors, as a kind of painted manifesto of Native Immigrants.

And Immigrant Dress, a naked mannequin planted in a pot of indigenous earth was adorned with a dress made up of donated fabric or other objects of sentimental multicultural value.

Both projects allowed for open dialogue about immigration, and our mutual connections as Native Immigrants and the people of this Uncertain Nation.



Book: Native Immigrant Dress

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