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Carolina Echeverria

Chilean born Carolina Echeverria questioned the place of the immigrant in today's Quebec at a time where a charter of values was proposed.  To do so, she drew upon her own experience, the visual imagery of Norval Morrisseau, and muralist brigade Ramona Parra as a starting point.  As an exercise in cultural collaboration, Echeverria created a series of 30 paintings titled NativeImmigrant which, according to her, symbolizes the power of the history that unites us as well as a new identity for newcomers.  

Carolina Echeverria has exhibited in galleries and museums on a national and international scale. 


These paintings are part of my series called Native-Immigrant 2013(

I wanted to create a visual representation of who we are as immigrants in a new land.  This series is inspired by The Woodland school of art is originally attributed to Ojibwe artist, Norval Morrisseau and the Chilean Muralist movement Brigada Ramona Parra.  I wanted to use these two influences to visualize images that represent immigrants like me. My work speaks of people deeply connected to their own indigenous roots as well as the desire to honour the indigenous roots of the land they have come to.  

Bilingualism (24" x 60") Not For Sale


Immigrant Heart (always cut in two)  (36" x 42")


Immigrant Heart (Always cut in two).jpg

Cultural Exchange  (42" x 36")


Cultural Exchange.jpg

Landed Immigrant  (36" x 42")


Landed Immigrant.png
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