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Iván Atehortua

Ivan Atehortua is a self-taught artist born in Colombia into a large family of six siblings. He arrived in Quebec in October 2012 and currently lives in Montreal. With his pseudonym " Solal comics " Ivan experimented with several techniques starting with caricature, collage, and urban art. Her latest work uses found objects to create mixed media paintings. After participating in several collective exhibitions in Montreal, Ivan had his first solo exhibition in Meteque in September 2020. He is currently a member of the Native Immigrant collective.


The idea of ​​creating art with the assembly of recycled objects is not new. I was born in Bogotá, Colombia into a large family. We are six brothers and sisters; Since I was little I spent hours gluing together parts of discarded toys from my brothers and sisters to create my own characters. These characters represented my family members and television heroes. I used my surroundings as a source of inspiration, and what I had on hand as material to create new things. Making art that speaks to the society we live in, remixing found objects, is a natural thing for me now.

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