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Marg Boyle

Marg Boyle is a multidimensional Indigenous artist whose ancestral ways of knowing to inform her artistic choices. She is a graduate of U of NSCAD and has exhibited in over 40 group and solo exhibits. Marg also is retired from teaching Indigenous Studies at the high school level and teaches at Queens University on a sessional basis. She continues to teach art courses at Ottawa School of Art and facilitates arts community-based projects with other artists. Marg has curated several group shows and is part of Native Immigrant's Art Collective. She is a recipient of several grants. Her art incorporates traditional and contemporary art forms and Marg leads workshops in drum making, rattle making and hide work. 


Marg Boyle's artwork in this exhibit are from two series Bee Beaded features works that embrace the important role bees play in ecosystem wellness including the survival of humans. I recent years bee colony collapse has been a serious agricultural issue in the traditional territory on which she lives, that of the Anishinabeg. 


The other grouping she is showing is from a larger series "We dream in Circles" These upcycled artworks use ecopaints to honour her clan: gitpu  /eagle and her adult name Eagle Women Who Flies outside the universe. 

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